Acana Pacifica Puppy Small Breed 6 kg

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  • Acana Puppy Small Breed at a glance:
  • Premium dry food for small breed puppies (adult weight up to 9kg)
  • Natural recipe designed to support the healthy growth and development
  • Top quality ingredients: delivered daily from local agriculture or wild-caught fish in Canada
  • WholePrey concept: recipe adapted to the natural nutritional needs of dogs, similar to the makeup of natural prey of their wild ancestors
  • 70% meat including 1/3 fresh meat: very high meat content provide your puppy with vital proteins
  • 30% herbs, fruit & vegetables: optimal amounts of nutrients, according to a primitive nutrition framework
  • High in animal proteins: with free-range chicken and whole nest-laid eggs from Canadian farms and wild-caught flounder from sustainable fisheries
  • Limited carbohydrate (25%): free from potato, tapioca and grains. Uses locally-sourced lentils and peas that have a low GI to prevent diabetes, excess weight and excess strain on joints
  • No gluten or wheat
  • Local grasses: plant extracts from grasses that grow in British Columbia, which can help to speed up the metabolism
  • No synthetic additives: high quality ingredients provide nutrients in a natural way, so there is no need for artificial additives
  • With zinc: the only supplementary ingredient, which works with the unsaturated fatty acids in the flounder to help to promote a healthy coat and skin
  • Award-winning production processes: Acana products are only made in their own kitchen, without outsourcing and uses high-tech processes on the fresh ingredients to preserve natural nutrients
  • Unique taste: fresh liver, freeze dried by Acana, helps to make the food really palatable
  • Sustainable business philosophy: cooperation with local farmers and fisheries that work with nature ensures a safe, reliable, fresh and high quality product from the heart of Canada

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